Wrigley ware price reference

There are many brands of sanitary ware. Among them, Toto or Kohler can be heard more. In fact, there is a well-known brand that is Wrigley. Many people know Wrigley, but the price of Wrigley is not very well understood. do not know how to Wrigley bathroom, go good home network Xiao Bian today to introduce you.


As the leading brand of domestic sanitary ware, Wrigley Sanitary Ware is a good name for both fame and reputation. It can be regarded as an international first-line brand and a national inspection-free product and a Chinese famous brand product. The headquarters of Wrigley Sanitary Ware is set up in Foshan, Guangdong. We all know that this is a world-famous ceramic producing area. Wrigley Sanitary Ware is a large-scale modern technology enterprise specializing in the production of ARROW Wrigley high-quality sanitary ware and related products, and cooperates with international top design institutions to strive for consumption. Provide the most comfortable, healthiest and environmentally friendly bathroom products.

Wrigley's products include sanitary ceramic sanitary ware, solid wood bathroom cabinets, acrylic bathtubs, steam rooms, copper chrome-plated faucets, hardware pendants, and more. The production is fashionable and has many styles. It has more than 100 products or national design patents.

Wrigley ware price:

Toilet bowl AB1215D732*358*736mm1769.00 yuan / piece

Toilet bowl AB2114520*325*345mm2517.00 yuan / piece

Smart toilet AB*1108-1800X420570mm8830.00 yuan / set

Activity skirt bathtub A1506Q1500*750*500mm1654 yuan / month

Five-piece bathtub AW022SQ1500*800*640mm3688 yuan / set

Pedestal basin AP306/AL901420*415*800mm458 yuan / piece

The overall shower room AL0051400*950*2150mm6032.00 yuan / month

The overall shower room AZ*1010G900*900*2120mm8920.00 yuan / set

Steam shower room AV-0031000*1000*2230mm13843.00 yuan / set

Bathroom cabinet AP428730*370*790mm1772.00 yuan / month

Solid wood bathroom cabinet APGM*4251035*452*445mm6160.00 yuan / set

Bathroom cabinet APGM352G1201*545*830mm8974.00 yuan / set

Bathroom cabinet APG6G349AP566*435*550mm3198 yuan / set

Wrigley ware price will be affected by many factors, and some will have a combination of kit sales, so consumers will reduce the matching products, you can directly purchase the kit combination, and the purchase of a single product will be more favorable, so the price is uncertain. Need to look at your specific combination. There are many products for sanitary ware, and each one will have many models, styles, materials, etc., so the price is also uncertain, you need to decide according to your specific choice, the above price is part of the bathroom price for your reference, specific You can check it out on the official website, and then go to the physical store to see the details, the price of each region will also be different.

The above is the full content of the Wrigley ware price introduced for you. If you want to buy Wrigley Ware, you can have time to check the official website of Wrigley Ware, there are many products on it, and there will be corresponding introduction content, size and so on. Can let us better understand the product, then go to the physical store to see, the above prices are for reference only, I hope to help you. For more information, please stay tuned for the tracking report of Xiaojiaju.com.

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