What is the reason why empty tiles are processed?

Pay special attention when paving a wall tile, because there will be unevenness or emptying of the floor tiles in a little difference pool, and once this happens, it will become very troublesome. Then, how do you deal with the wall tiles ? What is the reason for the hollowing of the tiles? Let's take a look at the cause of the hollowing of the wall tiles and how to solve them!

First, how to deal with empty drums ?

1, in the construction process

If your home is still in the process of renovation, you will find that the wall tiles are uneven or empty. Then it will be easier to deal with, the master will generally use a wall knife to gently hit a few floor tiles, so that the problem of unbalanced floor tiles will be solved.

2, cut up the raised floor tile restructuring the ground

When the tiles are raised, you need to use a professional blade to cut it. At the same time, you should prepare a piece of sponge and dip some water, and then remove the raised part of the tile. This will ensure that there is enough space for tile leveling. . When the remaining cement on the tile is removed, you only need to lay the new tile up and you're done.

3, local opening perfusion strong viscose

If the wall tile emptying phenomenon is not obvious, then we can find a suitable filling position, draw a mouth at the edge of the floor tile, glue the filling hole, its main purpose is to continue to pour mats. Finally, simply pour the amber into the floor tile.

Second, tile hollowing is what reason?

How do you deal with empty tiles ? I believe everyone is well aware of it! However, many people do not know what is the reason for the empty tiles? We look at the following analysis:

1, caused by the construction process

It is well known that before laying ceramic tiles, cement mortar is used to flatten and then compacted with bricks, and then the bricks are picked up and filled with cement oil. However, due to carelessness, some of the masters did not fill up the cement oil in the process of leveling and compaction, and this would lead to emptying. In fact, this also reflects a problem, that is, the master's technology is very important in the process of laying tiles.

2, environmental and seasonal reasons

Because of the seasonal changes, if the temperature dropped sharply in the case where the cement slurry is not completely dry, the tiles will completely dry out. When the temperature rises again, due to thermal expansion and contraction, voids will appear between the ceramic tile and the base layer, and empty drums will eventually appear.

Conclusion of the article: The above has given you a brief introduction on how to deal with the hollowing out of the wall tiles and the reasons for the emptying of the tiles. I hope to give you some help. In fact, paving tiles is a crucial part of the renovation process, because the owners must be a skilled master to paving ceramic tiles!

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