What are the new Chinese style soft style matching skills?

Matching, can be fully utilized in many areas, the same is true in home decoration, the new Chinese soft style with a lot of skills to follow. For those who want to choose a new Chinese style decoration, the following decoration home network Xiaobian will introduce some related skills for everyone.


New Chinese style soft style matching skills:

On the balcony of the home bedroom or living room, when choosing the curtains, you can choose the thin curtains with softer texture and lighter colors but with landscape patterns on the inner side, while the outside can be hung thick and the colors are compared. The deeper curtains act as a shade. The choice of such curtains reflects the new Chinese-style soft-cloth style matching skills after the collection.

The screen is used more in the new Chinese decoration, and it can be placed in the front of the locker, which is relatively bulky and relatively tall. These two combinations are relatively new, and they can also hide the locker a little, whether it is in the living room or in the bedroom.

Many homes like to put those on the balcony of the living room, a larger flower, and in the summer wind of the flower, you can also set some beautiful spotlights, turn on the spotlights at night, you can hit the shadow of the flowers. On the wall, the shadow of the shadow is very beautiful.

If the size of the home is not very large, some household appliances can be directly hidden in wooden storage tanks or wooden lattices, inside, or behind, and when used, the wooden cabinets can be directly opened. This is a very practical point of the new Chinese soft style matching skills, you can make full use of it at home.

Some people like the collection very much. They put some crafts from all over the country at home, but they also worry that they will accidentally get rid of them. In fact, this situation can completely put the crafts in the museum cabinet, which not only improves safety. Sex, and it does not affect appreciation. Everyone has been to the museum, and can also imitate the spotlights inside the museum, and install some spotlights of different colors. After opening, the artworks can be better presented to us. When the night falls, enjoy the crafts with the guests. I believe everyone will appreciate your taste.

Among the new Chinese-style houses, some of the living rooms are relatively large, so there will be a prominent beam on the top. This is definitely a big failure, but it can't be without it. In order to reduce the feeling of heavyness and depression, it is best to pack it with a suitable material. On the basis of the new Chinese style, subtly turning it into a craft, not only looks more beautiful, but also becomes lighter in an instant.


Back home, the clothes worn outside are best hidden. Hangers are more common, but in the new Chinese style, it is not very suitable. It is too awkward, but there is no beauty. You can put your clothes directly in the closet and hide them completely, which also saves space in the room. The choice of wardrobe is more, the solid wood but not looking heavy wardrobe, the opening of the wardrobe can be the kind of frosted glass, lightweight and very fashionable.

Under the recommendation of professionals, you can find that the new Chinese style soft style has a lot of matching skills, which is in line with the characteristics of the home, and also meets your own preferences, why not use it directly!

The above is the whole content of the new Chinese soft style style that Xiaobian brings to you. I believe everyone has a basic understanding of the new Chinese soft style style after reading this article. If you want to know more about decoration consultation, please Click to enter the decoration encyclopedia section.

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