What are the main points of cleaning the exterior wall? Exterior wall cleaning precautions

Nowadays, many of our homes need to be cleaned. Then, apart from not having to clean the furniture in the house, do you know how important it is to clean this exterior wall? Let’s introduce the outer wall to our small series. What is the cleaning, what are the benefits, and what are the precautions when doing this exterior wall cleaning , I hope that our knowledge introduction will help everyone.


First, the main points of the cleaning of the external wall

1. Climate conditions

The external wall cleaning must be carried out under certain climatic conditions, the wind should be less than 4, and the upper level 4 must stop working. Therefore, wind should be measured before work, especially at high altitudes. In addition, it is not suitable for external wall cleaning under the conditions of rain, snow, fog, poor visibility, high temperature (above 35 °C) and low temperature (below 0 °C).

2, the conditions of the personnel

In order to fully implement the national security regulations to ensure the safety of workers and the normal operation of equipment, provision: high-altitude operation industry must be at least 18 years of age male citizens, and after a physical examination and qualification training security technology, qualified by examination before operation.

3, the conditions of the equipment

The equipment for external wall cleaning is very important and we must be in a good working condition. If the hanging plate has hair, or some of the used strands have this crack, or if it is not strong, the new rope should be replaced immediately.


Second, the external wall cleaning precautions

1. The operator must actively cooperate with the customer to supervise the construction quality and accept the customer's inspection. Instant rectification of unqualified items can not have negative negative feelings, and must always insist that the customer is a good attitude of God's profession.

2. The operator is polite, considerate, and kind when talking to the customer, and does not collide with the customer and polite language.

3, in the occupation process should also pay attention to protect all the equipment of customers and the previous facilities.

4. As a professional external wall cleaning company, the construction personnel are required to fully abide by the terms agreed by the company and the customer according to the standards; the safety operation specifications and quality standards must be strictly implemented during the operation.

5, the site of the operation should be committed to the customer and a lot of relevant management regulations, civilized to do construction, can not affect the normal office or life of others.

6. Before the construction, it is necessary to discuss the hydropower problem with the owner to ensure that the construction is completed on time and in good quality.

What are the cleanliness of our exterior walls? What are the precautions that our friends and construction workers should follow, and what are the key points and advantages of exterior cleaning? Friends have already learned about it in our decoration home network. There is a lot of decoration information on our decoration home network, and friends continue to pay attention.

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