Villa case recommended villa decoration considerations

The improvement of living standards, many people have already purchased villas, we all know that decoration is a very important part, but for those who do not understand the decoration, the decoration lacks a headache. How the decoration of the villa directly affects our future residence, so we can learn from the villa case before the renovation. Today, Xiaobian will come to visit the villa case and decoration precautions with everyone!


Villa Case I. Simplicity is not equal to simplicity. It is an extension of design and ideas that has been invented through deliberation. It is not a simple “stacking” and a flat “placement”, unlike some designers who understand shallowly White, such as the bedside background design is somewhat simple to only one cross pendant, but it condenses the designer's originality, both beautiful and practical. It is an extension of the design and ideas that have been deliberately and innovatively developed. It is not a simple “stacking” and a flat “placement”. It is not like the straightforward understanding of some designers, such as the bedside background design. Simple to only one cross pendant, but it condenses the designer's originality, both beautiful and practical.

Villa Case 2, the entrance uses the engraved glass as the visual focus, the two sides are symmetric storage shoe cabinets, corresponding to the horizontal landscape of the ceiling, and the wavy line frame with the porch category, with the floor parquet marble, the reasonable layout of the dotted line, Shows openness. Seen through the engraved glass, it is a semi-transparent exercise room.

Villa case three, the living room presents a wide-ranging pattern, the sofa is matched with black and white, the rich and beautiful atmosphere is calm, the warm velvet pillow and the floor curtain are all infused with a warm atmosphere. Marble is used as the TV wall surface to present the beauty of natural stone. The lower part uses the space of the rear study room and adopts a concave design to accommodate audio-visual equipment. At the back of the sofa, a marble countertop with a storage function is also designed, which echoes each other and creates a dialogue taste.

Note on decoration villa:

1. Some people who decorate the villa will definitely like to have an extra large bathtub for their own enjoyment, but to decorate such a bathtub depends on the load-bearing capacity of the slab. To test whether the slab can withstand it. The weight of the bathtub after it is filled with water. Should look for a professional to let him calculate whether the exit of the floor can withstand, and then decide whether you can install the bathtub.


2. The power supply device in the villa bathroom will be more professional and special, and the complex internal connection has higher professional requirements for the designer. Computers should be used to simulate the location of electrical appliances and outlets, and the location of electrical appliances should be reasonably distributed for practical use. In addition, the large-sized bathroom space is clearly separated by wet and dry, and the electrical outlets are placed in the dry area as much as possible.

3. Before the hydropower transformation, it is necessary to determine the size of the cabinet, the location of the range hood, the sink, the flue, the refrigerator, etc., so that the hydropower transformation can be more accurate, and more sockets can be reserved. Now the household appliances are constantly updated and convenient. Use in the future.

4. The video intercom system is one of the necessary functions of modern villas. It is necessary to consider the reserved video intercom phone at each floor and pay attention to the line reservation at the entrance door.

5, the study should be well planned, to determine the location of the desk and other furnishings in advance, in order to insert the network cable in the study room.

6. When the villas are delivered, they are basically rough houses, so there are many small details that need to be supplemented by ourselves. For example, it is convenient to reserve a mop pool in advance, and attach the same brick as the ground, which is good-looking and practical.

The most important thing when decorating a villa is the style and pattern, so we should pay more attention to it when designing it! The above is the villa case and decoration precautions introduced by Xiaobian today. I want to know more about it. , please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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