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Timing view of bearings (7)

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6, the solid smooth under some special operating conditions; a small amount of solid smoothing agent to participate in smooth grease; such as 3 to 5% of the No. 1 molybdenum disulfide can reduce wear; improve resistance to heat and heat; about high temperature, elegant, high Vacuum, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance; and special conditions such as extremely low temperature; solid smoothing agent to participate in engineering plastics or powder metallurgy materials; can be made into bearing parts with self-smooth function; It is knotted on the raceway, cage and rollover; it forms a smooth film; it has a certain effect on reducing conflict and wear.
7, the smoothing agent to make up and replace a. The smooth grease compensates for the interval because of the mechanical effect; the addition of aging and pollution; the smooth base filled in the bearing equipment will gradually lose its smooth function. Therefore, the smooth rank needs to be continuously compensated and updated. The composition, scale and rotational speed of the bearing are different. Figure 4-1 shows the approximate interval of smooth grease according to the working time requirement.
In the case of Figure 4-1; when the bearing temperature exceeds 70 ° C; the bearing temperature rises by 15 ° C; it is necessary to use the smooth grease to make up the interval to cut by half.
The double-sided closed bearing is now filled with grease when it is manufactured; “HRB” uses the standard smooth grease in these products; the common working temperature scale and other functions are suitable for the regular occasion; and the grease filling amount also corresponds to the bearing size. The life of the fat can usually exceed the bearing life; except for special occasions; no need to make up for smooth grease.
b. Smooth oil replacement cycle The replacement cycle of smooth oil is different depending on the application conditions and oil quantity; usually; when the working temperature is below 50 °C; when it is used in a good environment with less dust; once a year; when the oil temperature reaches At 100 ° C; replace it once every 3 months or less.
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