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Talking about the smooth method

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The smooth stroke of the four-stroke motorcycle is based on the method of supplying smooth oil; it can be divided into two types: smooth pressure and smooth splash.
The early initiators used smooth splashes throughout; the crank oil was used to stir the oil; the oil was dripped to the machine and the various parts were smooth. In order to add the amount of oil splashed out; the crank was usually drawn longer.
The smooth splash has the advantages of simple layout; it is good for the lightweight of the initiator. However, the smoothing effect is often poor; especially for each bearing; it is difficult to make the smoothness from the outside. Especially for the overhead valve Initiating machine; the oil that is pulled out can not reach the various parts on the cylinder head. Regarding the selection of the integral crankshaft and bearing bush; there is also the same problem of smoothness.
In addition; following the progress of the engine speed; the resistance of the crank oil is increasing; a large power loss occurs. Together, the crank oil will also cause the oil to age early; and simply mix the air bubbles into the oil.
In order to deal with the above problems; modern initiators mostly use a smooth pressure method. It is to add an oil pump on the initiator; use the pressure of the oil pump to force the oil to supply smooth points. In order to simplify the structure of the initiator as much as possible; Splash smooth contact application. For example; on the initiator; the real selection of smooth pressure parts will be collected in the crankshaft, camshaft and other components; and the connecting rod small head, cylinder, piston, rocker arm, etc. The oil splashed out is smooth.

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