Stone Exhibition Stone Culture Festival ended successfully! Trade turnover reached 4.4 billion yuan

Abstract During the exhibition, the crowd surged on the afternoon of October 21st. The 15th Yunfu International Stone Technology Exhibition and the 9th Yunfu Stone Culture Festival ended in perfection. During the four-day stone exhibition, the stone culture festival was crowded with people, and the exhibition was booming. The number of people entering the market in 4 days was more than 100,000, and the total transaction volume reached 44....


During the exhibition, crowds surged

On the afternoon of October 21st, the 15th Yunfu International Stone Technology Exhibition and the 9th Yunfu Stone Culture Festival ended in perfection. The four-day stone exhibition stone culture festival was crowded with people, and the exhibition was booming. The number of visitors in the four days was more than 100,000. The total transaction volume reached 4.41 billion yuan. The total transaction volume increased by 5.3% compared with the previous session, fully demonstrating the Yunfu stone industry. A booming format. The stone exhibition stone culture festival promoted extensive exchanges and cooperation, achieving both economic and social benefits.

The stone exhibition and stone culture festival was held in Foshan (Yunfu) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park, Silao Town, Yuncheng District. The exhibition area is about 30,000 square meters, and there are 340 booths (including 228 standard booths and 112 special booths). ), 209 exhibiting companies, each participating companies have come up with their high-quality exhibits to showcase the style of Yunfu stone industry; automated, intelligent stone machinery, exquisite stone technology, indicating that the stone industry is constantly transforming and upgrading. The 21st is the last day of the exhibition. On Sunday, the flow of people in the pavilion is still flowing. Merchants and exhibitors have seized the last chance to negotiate business. Many exhibitors said that the scale and quality of this year's exhibitions have been upgraded. There have been many customers who have been interested in purchasing for several days, and they have achieved a certain amount of transactions. They have received very good benefits and will come to the exhibition next year.

At this stone exhibition stone culture festival, Yunfu City hired Shenzhen design field masters to serve as Yunfu stone product design consultants, held the 2018 Guangdong Shiyi Creative Competition and the National Stone Carving Design Competition - the first "Wooding Cup" artisan on-site engraving The competition, as well as the national art master Xu Hongfei's stone art creation lectures, etc., enhanced the influence, competitiveness, radiation and reputation of the Yunfu stone industry. It is reported that for a long time, Yunfu has developed in the inheritance of stone culture and enriched stone culture in development. It is committed to the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry, focusing on expanding the scale of the industry, making the industrial chain, strengthening the industrial brand, and gradually forming a mine development and stone. The industrial cluster of processing, machinery manufacturing and exhibition business, the Stone Exhibition of Stone Exhibition is a concentrated display of the booming development of this industry. At present, there are more than 3,100 stone industry and industrial registration enterprises in the city, including 313 enterprises; last year, the total output value reached 31 billion yuan. In the past five years, the total import and export volume of Yunfu has grown at an average annual rate of 8%. The development of stone has formed a new pattern of “buying the world and selling the world”, and has truly embarked on a new road of development with openness, cooperation and win-win.

The current stone exhibition and stone culture festival also attracted more than 40 news media from the central, provincial, fraternal and overseas markets to report and expand the influence of the festival. New media and self-media also widely spread the relevant festivals and formed a huge online “onlookers” group.

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