Solvay's new Technyl® advanced materials for electric vehicle electrical connections

HC Plastics News: Solvay Performance PET introduces a new advanced Technyl ® polymer solution to address the growing demand for personal protection and system security in the automotive industry. To meet the constant demands of automotive manufacturers, we have developed and launched a full range of electric-friendly, low-corrosion materials.

The range includes six Technyl ® and TechnylStar ® product lines with proven purity based on proprietary formulations and clean mixes. Two of these grades use bio-based, environmentally friendly Technyl ® eXten technology for applications that require both high temperature and glycol resistance. The series will be available in early 2019.

"Halogen and phosphorus in polyamides have been identified as the main cause of electrochemical corrosion. Electrochemical corrosion is a potential source of system failures and short circuits and can lead to fires." Automotive Marketing Director, Solvay Performance Technologies Global Business Unit Dr. James Mitchell said, “Safety is essential! We have developed a range of high-purity materials to help automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers ensure that the system is protected from corrosion and ion migration.”

These solutions are needed in many automotive applications, including electrified cooling systems, sensors and connectors, and high-power electric vehicle chargers.

For fuel cell stack components, Technyl ® One has become the material of choice, offering more value to customers in terms of performance and processability than polyphthalamide (PPA) composites. This material combines near-zero ion migration potential with excellent heat resistance, dimensional stability against hydrogen leakage, electrical insulation, excellent surface quality, and high solderability.

“This is a unique PA66-based product specifically designed for fuel cell technology and is the first on the market. It is suitable for critical safety applications such as hydrogen manifolds, hot plate humidifiers and water traps,” Mitchell added. Say.

In addition to these advanced material solutions, Solvay Performance Molds offers a full range of technical services designed to accelerate time-to-market for new applications. This service includes predictive simulation using MMI Technyl ® Design1, functional prototype 3D printing with Sinterline ® PA6 powder, and component testing at the fully equipped APT ® Technyl® Verification Center2.

® Technyl, TechnylStar, Sinterline and APT are registered trademarks of Solvay.

1. MMI Technyl®Design is an advanced service supported by MSC Software's e-Xstream Digimat.

2. Located in Lyon, France and Shanghai, China.

Technyl® offers OEMs a full range of electric-friendly products to meet the purity requirements of diverse applications.

Technyl ® offers OEMs a full range of electric-friendly products to meet the purity requirements of diverse applications. Image courtesy of Solvay Performance High Performance Polyamide.

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