Shanghai quality supervision exposed Kaisheng mat and Zhongyu shower both boarded the black list

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau announced the results of spot checks on two products, a mat and a shower. Shower products, spot check 20 batches of products, after inspection, failed 5 batches. A total of 65 batches of mat products were sampled, and 24 batches were rejected. The failure rate was as high as 36.9%. The reporter found that there are still many big names in the unqualified list. A certain leather mat of Kaisheng and a batch of hand-held showers from Zhongyu are on the black list.


After the two famous brand mat products of Mengjie and Yalu were unqualified in Beijing, another textile brand, Kaisheng Home Textiles, was also found to have problem products in Shanghai. The softness of the soft leather mat (180×200cm) produced by Shanghai Kaisheng Bedding Co., Ltd. was unqualified. On the official website, one of China's largest manufacturers of sanitary plumbing products and accessories, Zhongyu Sanitary Ware, one of the main drafting units of China's sanitary plumbing products, has also been exposed at the same time. One of its specifications is JY80052 handheld shower. Pipe thread accuracy issues on the black list.


Editor in charge: Shanghai GO Jiaju

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