Sawing parameters and precautions for woodworking band saw blades

Woodworking band saw blades are composed of a tough, toothed saw blade tensioned in a frame, used for cutting metal, other shaped materials and other tools. The band saw blade is generally tensioned and fixed in the frame. The material used for sawing with a band saw blade is generally very hard. In this case, the choice of the band saw blade is very important. The thickness of the suitable band saw blade is the key. It is related to the speed and efficiency of the band saw blade to cut objects.



   Sawing parameters


Saw band speed: The saw band speed is determined by the type of material, the width of the material, and the tension of the saw band. Harder materials must use a lower saw blade speed; smaller widths must use a faster saw blade speed.

Saw band pressure and feed rate: The pressure and feed rate of the saw band are determined by the type of material and the width of the material. Harder materials and materials with larger widths require larger pressures and feed rates; softer materials and smaller widths require smaller pressures and feed rates.

Contour sawing: Please select the most suitable type of saw blade according to the material you need to cut; then select the width of the saw blade according to the minimum arc (radius) of the material you need to cut The smaller the radian (radius), the narrower the blade width.

Saw blade tension: Before sawing with a new saw blade, the tension should be checked first. If necessary, tighten after a small amount of sawing.

Band saw guide: The cutting accuracy depends on the setting of the band saw blade guide device: the closer the device is to the material, the higher the cutting accuracy.

Cooling and lubrication: In most metal sawing processes, cooling and lubrication are indispensable. For cast iron, brass, and some non-metallic materials, such as plastic and graphite, lubrication may or may not be required during processing.


Notes for woodworking band saw blades


1. Selection of high-quality band sawing machine, correct operation and adjustment of the machine tool are the most important factors to ensure the service life of the band saw blade. Good machine rigidity and working performance can prevent the huge impact of vibration and various stress on the band saw blade.

2. Correctly select the band saw blade you will use. No band saw blade can meet all the requirements of sawing, and all kinds of saw blades with different forms and characteristics have different effects. This choice includes the appropriate blade width, tooth shape and pitch.

3. Correctly use the sawing parameters, which mainly include saw blade linear speed, feed rate, saw blade tension, etc. The ideal chip when sawing the material should be tightly rolled, silver and have a warm feel. If sintering, brownish blue, thick or powdery chips appear, relevant parameters need to be adjusted.

4. The correct use of cutting fluid and its mixture can lubricate and cool the band saw blade, and wash off the attachments on the saw teeth in time.

5. Correctly "run-in" the new band saw blade. "Run-in" is to remove the burr of the tooth edge through the natural wear of the saw teeth, so that the band saw blade gradually enters the normal sawing state, to avoid prematurely causing the chipping and curling of the saw teeth. It is particularly important when it is a profile, pipe and profiled material whose cross-section changes rapidly. During the "run-in", the machine parameters should be adjusted to about 50% of the normal sawing efficiency, the sawing area is generally 200-600cm2, after no abnormal conditions, gradually adjust the relevant parameters of the machine tool to enter the normal sawing state.

The above is the introduction of related knowledge about woodworking band saw blade. The saw blade is a tool that requires repeated work, so the service life of the saw blade is generally limited. Many factors will affect the life of the saw blade. Understanding and treating these influencing factors correctly can extend the life of the saw blade and obtain the best Sawing efficiency allows you to save costs.

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