Petrochemical Machinery Company successfully trials polypropylene anticorrosive steel pipe

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The newly developed polypropylene anti-corrosion steel pipe of Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully trial-produced. The anti-corrosion layer of this product is as white as jade, and all performance indexes have reached the relevant standards.

Polyethylene is more cost-effective, while polypropylene is superior to polyethylene in terms of mechanical properties, heat resistance and transparency. Although the price is high, some customers in tropical high-temperature regions such as the Middle East, Latin America and Africa have realistic reality on polypropylene anti-corrosion steel pipes. Demand, fancy their high heat resistance and rigidity.

In order to ensure the success of the trial production, the petrochemical machinery company strengthened the communication with the raw material manufacturers before the trial production, consulted the reference documents, compiled the polypropylene experimental process card, and produced the prototype planning book, and organized the staff to seriously study the new industry standards. In order to ensure the purity of the products produced, the company cleaned the black polyethylene material remaining in the extruder and replaced the new extruder mold. In the anti-corrosion production process, the polypropylene material has stricter temperature requirements than polyethylene. If the temperature of a heating zone is not up to standard, the whole trial production may fail. For this reason, the company arranges the electrical engineer system to overhaul the heating system, and finally The trial conditions were met.

The successful trial production of polypropylene anti-corrosion steel pipe is expected to provide important product options for petrochemical machinery companies to expand the foreign steel pipe market.

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