Nanjing Decoration Company Ranking 2017 How to choose a decorative company

Nanjing is the capital of Jiangxi and an important city in the eastern region. In recent years, with the development of Nanjing's economy, Nanjing's large and small renovation companies have sprung up. So, which of the Nanjing decoration companies is good? Let's describe in detail the following: Nanjing decoration company rankings 2017 and how to choose a decorative company?

Nanjing Decoration Company Rankings:

1. Nanjing Meiquan Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

2, Nanjing Fuge Home Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

3, Nanjing Archipelago Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

4, Nanjing Guanquan Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

5、Nanjing Feiriqiang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

6, Nanjing Wenjia Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

7, Nanjing Jinquan Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

8, Nanjing Hong Kong Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

9, Nanjing Zhenxiang Decoration Co., Ltd.

10、Nanjing Zhanchi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (The above ranking is in no particular order)

How to choose a reliable decoration company:

1, see qualifications.

When selecting, the first thing to look for is qualification. A formal home improvement company must have a business license, and also confirm whether there is an annual inspection. In addition, the general business license will be marked with the scope of business, the industry is mainly to determine whether it is eligible for home improvement.

2, see the reputation and reputation.

When choosing, look at fame and reputation. They are the most direct and effective way to reflect the quality of the home improvement company. The owner can compare the decoration company's reputation, reputation, crafts, service and after-sales service, and then choose the most satisfactory decoration company.

3, look at the design drawings and the budget table.

When choosing, we must look at the design drawings and the budget table. They can directly reflect the level and quality of the decoration company. At the same time, we can also see whether the decoration company has a mystery and use it to deceive the owner.

4. Check out the houses they had previously built.

When choosing, it depends on the house they have renovated. This is the best way to reflect their level. The owner can check whether their craft can meet their own requirements.

5. Visit at the door.

When choosing, do not directly contact the telephone to visit, and generally high-end decoration companies are often located in the downtown area, while the company's scale is also relatively large, and some even put the LOGO on the building's most conspicuous place, which can also be From the side reflects the strength of the decoration company.

6, see the designer.

When choosing, look at the designer. It's best to tell your designer your idea and make a brief exchange. Then listen to the designer's opinion and judge whether the designer's professional level meets your needs.

The article summarizes: Nanjing decoration company ranked 2017 and how to choose a reliable decoration company's knowledge is introduced here, in fact, there are many good decoration companies in Nanjing market, different decoration companies, their scale, quality and quotation are Differently, therefore, we must choose according to our own needs and economic conditions. We must not be careless.

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