MIT researchers are redesigning power converters

According to foreign media reports, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a new power converter that can handle higher voltages while maintaining efficiency. Power conversion is inherently inefficient. A device will never be able to output as much power as possible, especially conventional power converters. In particular, power converters made of gallium nitride will now be able to provide higher efficiency. However, the problem is that the GaN devices cannot handle voltages above about 600 volts. This has limited their use in home appliances, but this situation will soon change.

At this week's International Electronic Devices Conference in San Francisco, MIT researchers collaborated with semiconductor companies IQE, IBM, Columbia University and the Singapore-MIT Institute of Research and Technology Alliance to propose a new design for power conversion. The device can handle voltages up to 1200 volts.

The researchers pointed out that this progress is only the first prototype developed in the academic laboratory. This means that the device still has a lot of room for improvement. In fact, capacity may rise to the 3300-5000 volt range, which may make the efficiency of GaN available in the grid.

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