Interior decoration dismantling notice price of interior decoration demolition

Some people are not satisfied with the renovation and structure of old houses. They will be demolished and renovated. So during the time of the removal of interior decoration, we need to pay attention to what, how much the price of interior demolition is it? Next Xiaobian take you to find what precautions interior demolition, interior demolition of the contents of the price.

Dismantling of interior decoration

1, time

Because we have a lot of noise during the interior decoration demolition, our construction time should not be carried out on holidays, and we should do renovation within the working day to avoid any impact on others.

2. Protection of public facilities

We may use elevators and other public facilities for house demolition. When using elevators, we can use some plywood to protect the elevators. Some corridors and sand can be laid in the corridor between the elevator and the door. To protect the floor.

3, pay attention to indoor reserved items

When we remove the interior decoration of the house, like some large furniture that cannot be easily moved out, we can use some air bubble papers to wrap them up. It is better not to leave the home appliances such as lamps and lanterns in the room and put it back after completion.

4, pay attention to the pipeline when dismantling

Before we start construction, we must determine which places to demolish. We must use chalk to mark the marks and dimensions. We must mark the location of the hidden works as far as possible to avoid damage during construction. During construction, the water source, main power switch and alarm should also be turned off.

5, can not remove the bearing wall

During the renovation of the interior decoration, do not remove the walls that bear the weight of the load-bearing wall or the load-bearing column, so as not to damage the structure of the house and affect the safety of the house.

6, timely cleaning of garbage

In the renovation of interior decoration, it is necessary to specify which materials can be preserved, and the recyclable and non-recyclable materials should be stacked separately. The garbage that we dismantle should be cleared in time to avoid too much garbage in the corridor and garbage cannot be lost from the windows. Outgoing, high altitude parabolic things are very dangerous. When dismantling, it is necessary to remove the recyclable material as completely as possible.

The price of interior decoration demolition

The price of the interior decoration will be different from the local ones.

Demolition 12 wall is about 30 yuan a square meter; remove the cabinet is about 20 yuan a square meter; demolition of wood floors is about 3 yuan a square meter; demolition floor tiles is about 25 yuan a square meter; shovel wall is about 5 yuan a square meter; The fee is about 100 to 200 yuan per person.

Xiaobian Summary: That's all precautions regarding the removal of interior decoration introduction of small series, interior demolition of the price, and hope after reading this article, can provide reference and help.

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