How to do market promotion work for aluminum Fangtong merchants

How to do a good job in the marketing of aluminum Fangtong merchants? Aluminum Fangtong merchants occupy the market, promote products, market propaganda, marketing planning is very important, here to give you a discussion.

Aluminum Fangtong is mostly suitable for public use. Therefore, the merchant must have a precise grasp of the market customer group, and can not promote it without any purpose. The main customer groups of Alfangtong are individual industrial and commercial households, architectural design companies, decoration companies, and government procurement units. This is the main customer group for Alfang's demand. Understand this point, we must do targeted marketing planning. For example, aluminum Fangtong merchants can focus on selecting architectural design companies and decoration companies for publicity. Some of these companies are concentrated in building materials "target=_blank> building materials home city, some are more scattered. You can make a statistical unit through various interpersonal relationships, or online media, and then send some engineering cases in the other mailbox and With the picture, this is the best publicity effect, the case must be local, let the other party know well, this effect can most impress the other party cooperation.

Some architectural design companies know about aluminum square products, and some don't know. I know that nature can use price, product variety or interpersonal relationship to communicate. If you don't know, you will be patiently publicized. There is also government procurement, which is mostly through personal connections to get through the relevant procedures before you can get the project. However, many of them are determined through bidding, which requires the specific operation of the business.

In short, the aluminum Fangtong market propaganda is very important, the good market prospects for propaganda are good, and sales are not a problem.
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