How to design an open kitchen fume divider curtain

In the past few years, the open kitchen design was very popular. It was popular with people because of its nice appearance and open space. However, various shortcomings were also exposed in practicality. The most distressing thing was that fumes were not blocked during cooking and would flood the entire family. Space hoods can't stop these fumes completely. Designers have come up with various solutions to deal with this shortcoming. Open kitchen fume curtains are one of them. Let Omido show you how to open the design. Kitchen smoke partition curtains .


A. Shrinkable soft curtain implant

Influenced by Western style, the popularity of open kitchens exceeds our imagination, but blocking fumes is another big problem we have to face. Among the many solutions, I think that there is an open kitchen fume cut off. The curtain is still more optional, and the use of shrinkable soft curtains is a good choice. When cooking, the soft curtain is put down to block fumes. After cooking, it shrinks and merges with the wall. Remember the soft curtain. With the kitchen decoration, otherwise it will destroy the effect of home decoration, but lose the beautiful effect.

2. The partition curtain under the cabinet

Setting up a set of fume divider curtains may be the most difficult for us to have aesthetic problems. The designer thinks about various ways to hide the partition curtains. For example, when we decorate the open kitchen, we will choose a set of cabinets to be mounted on the top of the cabinet. As a locker, and we can just take advantage of this, cut a hollow strip underneath the rear of the cabinet, inside which can be installed a smart shrink curtain, half stay inside, half stay outside, pin down each other, cook Pull it down, pick it up, and collect it. It's beautiful and convenient. Doesn't it have two birds with one stone?


Three. Transparent resin partition

In fact, the choice of partition curtains is not much, after all, does not constitute a closed space, but if you really care about the appearance, a transparent resin partition design is also a good choice for open kitchen smoke partition curtain design skills, put in front of the main stove The last movable concave transparent resin partition can also be used to remove the partition from the cabinet when not cooking. This will also solve most of your problems.

Only by dealing with soot problems, can you enjoy the open and spacious kitchen space to bring about the spacious and comfortable, the above is how to design the open kitchen smoke partition curtain content, I hope to help you, to understand more about the content of the home more attention GO great home Information channel.

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