How to choose the correct home lighting

The choice of lamps also has a university question, the lamps are soft, and in modern home decoration, it is not only limited to lighting, but more often it plays a decorative role.

With the rapid development of technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the shape and type of lamps have become more and more. A beautiful lighting can become the soul of home decoration, making your house shine, adding a few It is warm and fun. Therefore, the choice of lighting in the home decoration has become particularly important. So let's take a look at the following, how should the lighting fixtures in all areas of the family be chosen?

First, the living room

There are many activities in the living environment, and for this reason, the lighting should be varied. Ordinary lighting can be used for multi-person gatherings, chandeliers, recessed lights and ceiling lamps can be used; while listening to music and watching TV, local lighting such as floor lamps and table lamps can be used; in addition, various paintings, bonsai, sculptures and collections in the living environment For artworks, etc., the spotlights can be used to decorate the lighting.

Second, the bedroom

The bedroom has as much performance as the living room, and the choice of light is varied. Soft light is required during sleep. Commonly used on the wall lamp on the bedside or the desk lamp on the bedside table; the clothes are required to be evenly distributed when wearing clothes and makeup. The common lighting fixtures in the bedroom are used, and the lighting on the front of the wardrobe and the lamps on the dressing table are used for local illumination.

Third, children's room

Children's rooms are generally a place for children to learn, play and rest. Obviously, our large crystal lamps and large-size ceiling lamps are not suitable for use here. And the children's eyes are still developing, the children's room lighting should be yellow or warm colors, try not to use white light to protect their vision. Therefore, the small series of Liangrui decoration should remind everyone to install a children's home lamp with the best brightness and soft light!

Fourth, the restaurant

Because the Chinese pay more attention to the color and fragrance of the dishes when eating, the brightness of the lighting is required to be much brighter than that of the Westerners. The chandeliers with lower lighting are mainly used. The range of the light source should not exceed the range of the table, and the light should not be directly Inject into the eyes of the person. The brightness and height of the lamp should be adjustable to accommodate changes in the number of people eating.

Five, the kitchen

Usually, it is in the form of general lighting, with ceiling lamps on the top of the room, and local lighting fixtures for lighting at the side of the side dish, washing vegetables and cooking.

Six, study

The lighting is required to be soft and bright, and to avoid glare. The lamps are mostly based on table lamps, and the lighting is required to help the owner to study and work energetically.

Seven, the bathroom

A ceiling light is often placed on the top of the room, and a long anti-fog eye light is placed above the wash frame for general illumination.

Eight, foyer, corridor

It is best to have a brighter luminaire for local lighting in the foyer, and a recessed luminaire for general lighting in the hallway.

I believe that after reading the above explanation, you must have a better grasp of the choice of home decoration lamps.

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