Bloody hub breaks through the bottom line of the car

Abstract [This accident is not only the backwardness of production methods, but also the indifference and cold-bloodedness of people. The production of blood-bearing wheels is a retrogression in the automotive industry. This incident has revealed that the production methods of extensive auto parts have come to an end, without technical input and research and development capabilities...
[This accident is shocking not only the backwardness of production methods, but also the indifference and cold-bloodedness of people. The production of blood-bearing wheels is a retrogression in the automotive industry. This incident has revealed that the production methods of extensive auto parts have come to an end. Parts and components companies without technical investment and R&D capabilities are facing the fate of being eliminated.

The tragedy in the bombing of the Kunshan factory that shocked the whole country is heartbreaking, and the whole society is sad. As the truth of the accident was ascertained, 75 people who died in the accident and 185 injured.

It has been confirmed that the incident was caused by the “dust concentration exceeding the standard and the explosion of the fire source” caused by the polishing of the automobile wheel hub. Not only the social response was huge, but also caused the special attention of the automobile industry. It is not difficult to find out from the accident investigation. In addition to the problems in the design of the plant and the arrangement of the process, there are also safety facilities such as independent dust collectors and explosion-proof installations installed in each position. It is even more incredible that Even the basic labor protection products were not in place. In addition, not only did there not provide safety training for employees, but also serious violations of labor laws, overtime operations, and extremely serious environmental pollution.

This is even more embarrassing, indignant, and difficult to calm the sorrow of the heart. The accident investigation showed that “the problems and hidden dangers of the involved enterprises have not been resolved for a long time”, which is an important reason for the accident. According to media reports, in fact, the accident seedlings occurred as early as a few months ago. For the production environment, some employees have already suffered from pneumoconiosis. In the words of the employees, “every morning, when I enter the workshop and go to work, I will become gray-faced.” It is described as “a person at work, a ghost at work” "The pollution is so serious (dust is too high), can you not have an accident?" Here, the labor intensity is large, 7 in 7 out (7 am to work, 7 o'clock in the evening), work timeout is normal.

It is incredible that in the field of automobile manufacturing, especially in the field of auto parts, it has entered the "digital", "unmanned", highly automated production today, so with the manual "workshop style" (production process route design is too tight, 2000 square The production of 29 production lines and more than 300 stations in the workshop of Mi seems to be a long-standing memory. Although some auto parts are difficult to change in a labor-intensive state, they are not produced under such a harsh environment (deficient dust removal capacity and backward technology). In the automotive industry, which vigorously advocates green and humanized production, this production method that ignores safety and employee health is undoubtedly a retrogression in the automobile manufacturing industry. The incident of the Zhongrong explosion was shocking and the industry was shamed. Some people say that this is a particularly rare "sweatshop" that has exploded in the auto industry after the Foxconn incident. It is not an exaggeration. It is worth pondering that it is reported that the death and injury in this accident are not local people, they are migrant workers from Kunshan. Local people say that young people are reluctant to go to such a business.

However, for the companies involved, the scale of their hub production is not large. From the information disclosed, neither the plant design nor the production equipment and process layout are as advanced and modern as introduced, and the degree of automation is not high. Instead, labor-intensive “hand polishing” operations are used. Replaced the machine.

As we all know, the economic development of Kunshan is mainly driven by Taiwan-funded enterprises. Among them, auto parts enterprises account for a large proportion and enjoy the title of “China Auto Parts Production Base”. It is mainly adjacent to Anting Auto City, which is convenient for the whole vehicle. It can also take advantage of local preferential policies and low labor costs, attracting a large influx of Taiwan-funded auto parts companies. Small businesses have low technical levels, low product levels, limited overall strength, and some even have been eliminated in Taiwan. However, in the early days, the world's auto parts did not enter the mainland a lot, but there is still a little advantage. However, as the mainland auto industry improves the level of technology and quality, the degree of competition intensifies. Obviously, some auto companies have fallen behind and it is difficult to keep up. The pace of development of the mainland car. For example, in terms of automotive electronics and key components, it is basically controlled by the European and American parts giants. Some auto parts joint ventures have even surpassed some of the complete vehicle companies. The most typical ones are listed in the national key auto parts. The project's Shanghai United Electronics has a one-time investment of 2.6 billion. In contrast, the advantages of Taiwan-funded auto parts are weakening, and some are not as good as the capacity and scale of mainland auto parts.

"Auto parts are the foundation of the automotive industry." Now everyone understands that it is difficult for a strong parts company to make the auto industry strong. In fact, the core technology of the car is the parts. Therefore, when Santana succeeded, the industry concluded that this was the success of localization, and behind it was the growth and development of a number of component companies. The significance lies in "introducing a project (Santana) and transforming an industry (components)."

Looking back now, the Taiwan auto parts technology introduced by Kunshan and the current development requirements of the auto industry are obviously not suitable and need to be transformed. Some companies that have been in the process of auto parts processing so far have no research and development capabilities. After several rounds of competition and shuffling, like the whole vehicle companies, the mainstream enterprises of China's auto parts are also based on “joint ventures”, and the survival of auto parts of their own brands is in a period of fission. Under such a background, the responsibility accident of Kunshan automobile wheel hub processing due to dust explosion is shocking not only the backwardness of production, but the indifference and cold blood of people, which breaks down the bottom line of automobile cost and loses the right to people. Respect.

This incident has revealed that the production methods of extensive auto parts have come to an end. Parts and components enterprises without technical input and research and development capabilities are facing the fate of being eliminated. The cost reduction and efficiency increase are undoubtedly self-immolation. On the other hand, the car competition has also appeared a "bottomless line" chaos. Now the car of 50,000 to 60,000 yuan is still profitable, and even the car of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan, the driving force behind it lies in the "squeezing" of the parts suppliers. An industry insider said that cars are life-saving products that cannot be sold too cheaply, otherwise the quality will be difficult to guarantee. In doing so, not only the automakers will die, but also the parts suppliers, and the entire industry chain will have problems.

Because of this, the reason why some auto brands do not go up is that they have blindly pursued low cost, lost the trust of consumers, and made the brand awkward. The reason is very simple. The low-priced models are realized by the press parts suppliers. If the parts suppliers want to make profits, they can only make fakes on the products, shoddy and reduce labor costs. Exploitation. With such a vicious circle, the low-cost bottom line of the automotive industry has been broken down. Such a phenomenon, can you not worry? The Kunshan factory explosion accident is not an accident, but the evil consequences of non-human low-cost competition. It cannot be ignored. Those automobile manufacturers should especially think about the underlying reasons behind it.

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