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Bearing equipment matters

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Bearings should have been paid attention to in equipment:
1) Preparation of the bearing Because the bearing is disposed of by anti-rust and packaged; therefore, do not open the package before the device. Others; the anti-rust oil coated on the bearing has an outstanding smooth function; the bearing or filling for the usual use Smooth grease bearing; can be used directly without cleaning. But for external bearings or bearings for high-speed rotation; use hygienic cleaning oil to wash off the anti-rust oil; then the bearing is simple and rusty; not for long time.
2) Inspection of the shaft and the outer casing to clear the bearing and the outer casing; acknowledge the burrs left by the scratches or machining. There must be no abrasive (SiC, Al2O3, etc.) sand, chips, etc. in the outer casing. Secondly, the dimensions and shape of the shaft and the outer casing are checked. And the processing quality can match the drawing. Before the equipment bearing; apply the mechanical oil on the cooperation surface of the qualified shaft and the outer casing.
Equipment method of bearing The method of bearing equipment varies with bearing type and cooperation conditions. Because it is usually shaft rotation; therefore, the inner ring and the outer ring can be separated from each other by interference cooperation and clearance; when the outer ring rotates; The circle uses interference cooperation.
(1) Pressing equipment Pressing equipment usually uses a press; bolts and nuts can also be used; hand hammers can be used when necessary.
(2) The hot-sleeve device heats the bearing in the oil to expand it, and then the hot-sleeve method on the shaft can prevent the bearing from being subjected to unnecessary external force; the equipment operation is completed in a short time.
Heating matters:
1) Normally do not exceed 100 °C.
2) Do not allow the bearing to touch the bottom of the oil groove.
Other hot-sleeve equipment can also use induction heating equipment to heat the bearing to make it expand on the shaft.
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