Prussian Lion smart lock how to

Today, with the ever-changing technology, smart door locks are no stranger to us. So what about the Prussian lion smart lock? Here we introduce the Prussian lion smart lock. Business advantage Founded in 1992, Prussian Lion Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is famous for its high-quality, high-perf

Improvements in blown film technology

Machine structure, taking 80 blown film machine as an example: (different models, different specifications) The first part of the feed heating zone is divided into 5 zones: Mast (6CM diameter), housing 8, 7CM, 11kw motor (host) drive. The heating zone is divided into o

Which is better? Handle handle lock selection skills

In general, when people buy wardrobes and cabinets, most people will choose cabinets with handles, which is convenient to open. There is also a door lock with a handle, which is also one of the more common hardware in our lives. Today, I would like to introduce you to the handles and handle locks.