What is a smart mother machine

What is intelligent analysis Refers to the computer image visual analysis technology, which analyzes and tracks the objects that appear in the camera scene by separating the background and the objects in the scene. According to the video content analysis function, the user can preset different al

How to tell if the pesticide preparation has deteriorated

Wettable powder. Take 1 part of wettable powder, add 200 parts of water, hold in a glass cup, shake it for a certain period of time, observe the suspension. If the drug precipitates slowly, the suspension is good. powder. If the powder absorbs moisture and agglomerates during storage, it needs

Anti-theft alarm detector application notes

1. What is an anti-theft alarm system? The anti-theft alarm system is a system that uses the detectors of various functions to protect the perimeter of the house, space, environment and people. 2. What is a detector? Detectors use sensors to sense various physical changes, chemical changes in

Cam pump works and advantages

Pump also known as the gel pump, clover pump, universal pump, etc., are volume pumps, positive displacement pump with good self-priming performance, cam rotor pump self-priming up to 8.5m, pump start No need to drain irrigation pump before, the motor starts directly, you can in a few seconds, the f

What are the styles of bedside tables?

With the change of people's aesthetic consciousness, in the home decoration, they are more enthusiastic about some furniture designs with novel styles, unique shapes and individualized furniture. The use of bedside tables makes the whole bedroom space more colorful and visu