Overview of CAS anti-theft and anti-robbery system (2)

3. System Structure The CAS system is mainly composed of three parts: monitoring center, system network and mobile alarm. When a mobile target connected to the network has an alarm situation in an urban or suburban area, the vehicle-mounted alarm transmitter automatically sends the alarm informati

Causes of false alarms in the anti-theft alarm system

In the security information, there are many technical articles of security products. This article mainly discusses the problem of the false alarm caused by the anti-theft alarm system in the security products to the user. In order to develop low-false positive products, scientific and technological

What is an intelligent community

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Construction, at present, residential districts have achieved six intelligent requirements. The residential districts have set up computer automation management centers to automatically measure and charge water, electricity, and gas; the residential d

Jumu tatami tells you the real use of tatami

Living wood tatami "The house is getting more and more expensive, the area is getting smaller and smaller, how to crack it?" "Of course, multi-functional furniture is used. Especially for tatami, one roof and five bedrooms!" Today I will talk about the merits and demerits of

Anti-theft alarm system

The anti-theft alarm system is a signal detector using infrared or microwave technology. According to the importance and risk level requirements of different locations and site conditions in the building, the perimeter and internal area are protected. This system plays the second role in preventing

Directional curtain infrared detector

Directional curtain infrared detectors generally work in a two-way pulse counting mode, that is, from the A direction to the B direction, the B direction to the A direction does not alarm. With the ability to recognize the direction of intrusion, the user enters the warning zone from inside to outs