Can the Bay window be destroyed?

At present, there are two main types of bay windows for commercial buildings, most of which are floating windows that are cast-in-place and floating windows that are outdoor (used for installing air-conditioner outside machines). The kind cannot be used. Opened (unless you are pouring a floor slab

Vinyl weave pattern carpet knowledge lecture hall!

Woven carpet is the trend product of craft aesthetics and individual style. It can change the style and atmosphere of the wall and the ground most conveniently and quickly, making the environment vivid and rich. At present, many people don't know much about woven carpets, so here's a small e

ZYB high pressure gear pump scope of application

ZYB high pressure gear pump is based on the original ZYB residue pump made of improved. The main components of the material selection of more high-quality wear-resistant materials, the heat treatment has a high strength and hardness. ZYB high pressure gear pump ZYB high pressure gear pump for conve