Serious homogenization of bathroom hardware

China's bathroom hardware industry started relatively late. After experiencing rapid development, development has begun to slow down after the age of gilding, and the stigma remaining in development has gradually emerged. The bathroom hardware industry has entered the "pain period

Selection of roll bearing types

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NITTI emperor safety shoes heavy build China market

China's safety footwear industry is booming, China's top expert assessment meeting for NITTI safety shoes "IPT integrated guarding technology", and China Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute and Shenxin Polyurethane Products Co., Ltd. jointly build "Safety Shoes R

US cutting tool consumption in April was $175 million

Abstract The latest statistics of Adsale Machinery: According to the American Cutting Tool Association (USCTI), the US cutting tool consumption in April 2014 was US$175 million, a 2.1% increase from the previous month and a 3.3% decrease from the same period last year. According to statistics

Display failure maintenance analysis

A. The entire board does not light 1. Check whether the power supply and signal lines are connected. 2. Check whether the test card recognizes the interface. The red flashing of the test card is not identified. Check whether the light board is in the same power source as the test card, or whether

Nanotubes can act as a collector in the desert

Water is always a shortage of supplies, especially in arid desert climates. Since we need water to survive, no one wants to get lost in the desert without drinking water. But what if we can develop a device that collects water from the dry air for you to drink? A research team a

The 25th Global Graphite Industry Sourcing Fair

Abstract Time: November 26-28, 2014 Venue: Pazhou Complex of Canton Fair [Background of Exhibition] GPE25 is a world-class graphite industry event that is exhibited annually in Europe and America. It was held in China for the first time this year. for... Time: November 26-28, 2014 Venue: Ca