The key to dairy silage production

For the production method of dairy silage, after years of experimentation and practice, people have obtained successful experience. The following eight words are summarized, namely, sputum, material, net, water, broken, fast, real and strict. NvV China Feed Industry Information Network - based on f

Self-priming pump operation process

Shanghai Yiling series self-priming pump can be lubricated with high-quality calcium-based butter and No. 10 oil according to the working condition of the pump. If the pump is lubricated with grease, the grease should be regularly added to the bearing housing. If the oil is lubricated with oil, th

Superhard material industry "black horse" grows up

The hole is drilled and the diamond is drilled, and many difficulties are solved. The cutting stone has a diamond cutter, which is easy to use. Today, diamonds are widely used in industrial production and in people's daily lives. We can't help but ask: How does Superhard Materials produce di

How to buy a floor?

Nowadays, the competition in the building materials industry is fierce. In order to sell products, the merchants have made various promotional tricks, which has made consumers have to fight with their wits. In fact, it is not difficult to be fooled. In addition to more comparisons, it is to kn