Solar street lamp technical parameters

Solar street light uses sunlight as energy source. During the day, Beijing Tianzhu Solar Panel charges the battery. At night, the battery supplies power to the load. No complicated and expensive pipeline laying is required. The layout of the lamp can be adjus

Gas Detector Knowledge Gas Understanding: Arsenic (AsH3)

News Related Keywords: No tags. Chemical identity ● Product Name: Arsenic ● Chemical Molecular Formula: AsH3 ● Alias: Arsenic, trihydrogen arsenide, hydrogen (III) arsenide, etc. ● Application: General industry [composition/composition information] ingredient CAS numb

Safe production of high-altitude anti-fall

Recently, in order to cooperate with safe production, the reporter visited many construction site construction sites to interview quietly silent and silent people behind the city to strengthen their safety awareness. During the visit, the reporter heard such an accident at a construction site in X

China's largest market for fiber-reinforced materials

China has become the largest application market for fiber-reinforced composite materials in the world, and innovation in composite materials is a trend in the future. "Fiber-reinforced composite materials are not only key materials in the field of high-tech and cutting-edge technologi

Wooden door hardware industry is fiercely competitive

The development of the wooden door industry will inevitably lead to the development of the wooden door hardware industry together, so as to achieve more rapid success. In recent years, the size, influence and technological content of the wooden door hardware industry have been continuously