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Features: 1. Appropriate operating conditions can be set. According to the dry state corresponding to the ventilation mode, the operating conditions such as temperature and air volume can be arbitrarily adjusted. 2 , freely adjust the water after processing, because it can freely adjust the mat

Valve selection principle

Valve selection principle The correct choice of the meaning of the valve Proper selection of valves is essential for ensuring safe production of the unit, increasing valve life and meeting long-term operation of the unit. The main reason for many valve accidents is improper valve selection. For

Field research Wuhan laser enterprise

椐Understanding, Ye Mao, deputy director of the Industrial Technology Analysis Center of the Wuhan Branch of the National Science Library, led the team to Jinyun Laser and Solidarity Laser to investigate the development of the laser industry, mainly to understand the development plan of the en

Sensor maintenance and correction of meter factor

The sensor measures the flow rate of the medium. If it is necessary to measure the flow rate of the standard condition, the flow rate of the working condition should be converted to the standard condition flow according to the ideal gas equation.   The sensor shall be installed in accordance wi