Curing agent classification

Classified by purpose The curing agent can be classified into a room temperature curing agent and a heating curing agent according to the use. Epoxy resin generally has excellent performance when cured at high temperature. However, coatings and adhesives used in civil engineering are difficul

Surveillance Camera Development Overview and Trends

CCTV monitoring system is an important part of the security technology prevention system. It is an advanced comprehensive system with strong prevention capability. It can be directly monitored by a remote control camera and its auxiliary equipment (lens, head, etc.) All the conditions of t

Air compressor maintenance and use

1. When the compressor is used, it should be placed on the ground level, air circulation and clean and cool place. Do not work in the environment of air pollution, dust, coal or oil, fuel, steam, and waste. 2. Lubricant for compressors, compressor oil No. 19 in summer and No. 13 compressor oil in w

Calla Lily Introduction

Calla lily is a bulbous flower of the genus Araceae, which is one of the emerging flowers in recent years. As a fresh cut flower market, it has a large demand and a broad prospect. Because the calla leaves are green, the flower buds are white and large, like horseshoes, and have a strange shap

How to solve the drug resistance of crops?

Due to the long-term use of a single pesticide to control a certain pest in the same orchard in the same area, after a certain period of time, the efficacy is significantly reduced or even ineffective. In the production process, in order to maintain the efficacy of the medicam