Basic information of sage

Due to its long flowering period, erect and obvious knots, the sage has a leaf sheath, and its plant shape is very beautiful. It has a full game, planted under the trees, planted with long leaves of the iris, ornamental plant shape and flower buds, inflorescences, outstanding features, and unl

Turntable bearing common sense

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A passionate wedding bed carries a sly dream

This year, for many friends who want to get married, it should be a very good choice. If you catch up with the New Year, it is the real double happiness. Bedding can never be ignored in the process of weddings and furniture. Imagine a silent but passionate wedding bed in this new house full of

Yam introduction

Yam, commonly known as yam. It is also known as Mashan in supermarkets in Hebei and other places. Herbs perennial, stems creeping, often purple, roots cylindrical, leaves opposite, ovate or elliptic, flowers milky, dioecious. The roots contain starch and protein and can be eaten. Yam morpholo

How to choose home glass

It is reported that in addition to different types of glass, different types of glass should be used, and there are certain requirements for the thickness of the glass. Some shapes also require corresponding treatment of the glass. The ceiling is used in large areas to be treated: Glass ceil

Application Comparison: Surveillance Cameras and Cameras

With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, electronic camera technology has been widely used in commercial, civil, security, and other fields. It can be said that in the modern human society, we can be described as "a close-knit line of sight." We have cam

Interior design process analysis

How to design an ideal home to face your new home in the future, there will be many design ideas in mind, not everyone can put their ideas into practice completely, even if it is difficult to draw the design of the brain, but Nor can it guarantee its rationality and feasibility. Therefore, if

Introduction and use of artificial stone plates

Artificial stone sheets are made from non-natural mixtures such as resins, cement, glass beads, aluminum stone powder, etc. plus gravel binders. Artificial stone (also known as "artificial marble") is a new type of composite material. It is made by mixing unsaturated polyester resin