How to choose a paint floor?

When purchasing the paint floor, it should be observed whether the paint film on the surface of the paint plate is uniform, plump, smooth, no leak paint, bubbling, perforation, pitting, etc., while the generally wear-resistant paint floor is burned with a cigarette for 20 seconds, paint There

Wall decoration 4 major considerations

The decoration of the wall is an important part of the home decoration. If you want to decorate your home, you may wish to try the following four methods. Method 1: Brushing latex paint This is the simplest and most common way to decorate a wall. It is usually the surface treatment of the wa

Innovative application of 90° precision angle head

An important part of our company has large batch size, short delivery time, small part size and more processing content, as shown in Figure 1, M2 thread on the side of the part, 0.5 mm narrow groove (depth 6m m), φ Difficult to process content such as 0.5mm small hole (depth 5mm). The side proc

The spirit of American furniture

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American furniture inclusive

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Application of far infrared light wave bath room

The far-infrared light wave bath room is especially suitable for star-rated hotels, clubs, resorts, luxury villas, rehabilitation and health centers, hospitals, beauty salons, nursing homes, film arts, culture, sports, bathing centers and general families as fitness and health care facilities.

The earliest solar cooker

The world's first sun stove designer was Mushaw of France. In 1860 he was ordered by Napoleon III to study the use of parabolic mirrors to reflect solar energy concentrated on the suspended pot for use by French troops stationed in Africa. In 1878, Atams made many researches and improvemen

Three advantages of integrated ceiling heaters

The reason why the "heating module" of the integrated ceiling can subvert the traditional Yuba is not only its more secure structural design, but also the application of various new heating technologies and materials, and the "heating module" for integrated ceilings is not limi