Ticona built the world's largest acetal plant

Ticona has recently built the world's largest acetal production plant in Frankfurt with an annual production capacity of more than 300 million pounds (about 136,000 tons). As the airport expansion required Ticona to relocate an existing acetal plant in Kelsterbach, Germany, the compan

Buried ball valve features

Buried ball valve, drive mode optional manual, worm gear, pneumatic, electric, connection options Flange, welding, the structure can be used straight-through type, the sealing structure can be soft seal, hard seal, pressure range PN0.1-10Mpa , The nominal diameter of DN15-1200mm, the material can b

Screw pump works

Screw pump is the use of screw rotation to suction and discharge liquid. Due to the mutual engagement of the screws and the tight fit of the screw with the inner wall of the liner, one or more sealed spaces are separated between the suction and discharge of the pump. As the screw is rotated and enga

Gecko paints 120,000 tons of green paint production line

Shanxi Gecko Paint Co., Ltd. is building a 120,000 tons green environmental protection paint production line project. The project (coating online) has a total investment of 100 million yuan and covers an area of ​​55,000 square meters. It is estimated that after the productio

The small probe "tracks" cancer cells

It was learned from the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University that Professor Shen Baozhong’s topic "Molecular Imaging of Mutated EGFR Highly Selective Probes - Molecular Targeted Therapy Sensitivity Assessment and Treatment Therapeutic Efficacy" was recen

Policy Congestion New Energy Plan Ride Hard

A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Government issued a New Deal: Buying an electric car in Beijing does not require a Yaohao, but it can be directly on the market. This is more than a year away from the last time the country’s open market promotion policy for pure electric vehicl