Experts teach you a simple way to identify tiles

In many decorative materials, ceramic tiles are undoubtedly the most refreshing feeling. In summer, barefoot walks on the floor of the ceramic tile in the room, and the coldness of the silk will be transmitted upwards along the soles of the feet, which will almost completely disintegrate the heat.

The main points of bathroom hardware maintenance

The use of hardware in the bathroom is more, and the hardware is properly maintained, which can extend the service life. Many netizens reported that their home taps had been broken for more than a month. When you complain about product quality, do you reflect on your own mistakes? Fabe bathroom h

Wood floor purchase considerations

The tone of the floor and wall echoes. The fine texture of the floor is in harmony with the simple decoration style. The overall effect is elegant and generous. The blankets laid on the floor bring some natural flavor to the refined interior design. Different types of wood floors have different se

Green paint: beauty and health coexist

Paint is a common material for wall and furniture decoration. It can form a film on the surface to cover the original colors and cover all kinds of colors you want. The paint mainly plays a role in the protection of the decorative box, but the paint itself is toxic. You spend money, you can't